Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Citizen Eco-Be!

The Eco-Be! is a mini robot which can be produced at very low cost, using Citizen's reowned knowledge in miniature devices and their well established watch technology. ]

LINK to the official Citizen Eco-Be! Website.

It really looks like a Zippo lighter.

The makers are intending play a game of soccer with these small robots! LINK They will be playing a demo run in RoboCup 2006.

This is the setup of the robot soccer. The camera on top has an overview of the entire playing field. The computers at the side will "play" the soccer game by deciding what to do next. It will "tell" the individual robots on the field what they should do. It is something like remote control robots, but now we have a computer remote controlling a team of robots.

One very interesting setup that I want to highlight here is the playing field - it is a 37" flat panel display!! Imagine robots running on this big flat panel. Ouch.. From the website's description, the soccer ball will be an image on the display!

With a display as the playing field, one can easily imagine changing the displayed images to simulate different scenario. You can have a team of real robots playing with a team of virtual robots that are images on the screen!

How about displaying an urban setup and have robots playing hide and seek? ;p


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