Sunday, March 05, 2006

A to D Conversion - The Image Processing Way

In today's world, almost everything is computerised. What can you do to the good old analog devices? How do you digitise your analog meters without having to install complicated sensors, or inserting probes into your existing plant?

Use a digital camera, dig into Image Processing!

Here is an interesting way of performing Analog to Digital conversion, extracted from HERE.

Old but highly reliable analog device.

Take a picture of the dial face. Digitising the reading, by capturing the image.

Perform edge extraction.

Do a Hough Transform to find the longest continuous line. That's you needle!

By using Matlab, (here is the CODE) the cartesean coordinates of the tip of the needle can be found easily, which can be converted to be the reading of the meter. Other software can do the job too, if you are proficient in it.

How about taking a picture of your analog clock and converting it to digital time? =p


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