Friday, July 21, 2006

Photo Recovery Software (freeware!)

Anyone out there with damaged, accidentally deleted by kids, half killed by virus, don't fret! This software *might* be able to get some life out of it.

During my last expedition to Mt Kinabalu, I went to a photo developing shop in Centerpoint, Kota Kinabalu (a shopping mall in Kinabalu town). I was intending to let them print out some of my photos taken using my digital camera, with xD card as storage medium.

My xD card was inserted into their card reader, connected to a winXP machine. When I look into the contents of the xD card, a mysterious file was found! Oh no! Virus! When I try to access my photos, a large number of them cannot be opened! When inserted back into the camera, camera prompted me to FORMAT this uninitialised card. This is the most terrible thing that can ever happen to any digital photographer - picture loss!

Without any trust-able computers around (I did not bring my laptop along) I dare not start any rescue operation. Everything must be keep intact till I reach home. For the next few days, I was left camera-less (I only have 1 xD card =x)

As soon as I reach home, the 1st thing to do is to start rescue operation. Many photo rescue software surfaced but almost all wants to share my wallet. Only this one offers to help me for free!

LINK: Free Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery

This software goes to every corner of my xD card and attempts to make picture sense out of it. After a not-so-long wait, my photos are back again!

If your camera / memory card reader / drive is connected, it will be shown on the top scroll down options.

This explains why is Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery free for everyone to use, unlike other recovery software.

Download it at LINK

No doubt such software is available, don't try to push your luck too far. The best advice is not to endanger your precious set of photos on unknown computers, even if they resides in nice shops! Nobody will cry louder than you when your precious pictures are gone. =)


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